Holstein council votes to keep Highway 59 four-lanes

The Holstein City Council voted to keep Highway 59 four-lanes through downtown Holstein, following a public hearing May 6.

During the 10-minute public hearing, council members, the mayor, Darrell Godfrey, Gary Brummer and Harold Freese gave their thoughts on striping the highway three-lane or four-lane.

Godfrey commented, it would be harder to back out onto three-lanes. Brummer said, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” He also said he felt the three-lane traffic pattern would be a hindrance near the co-op intersection during harvest.

“I think this is important,” said Freese. “There is a lot of traffic coming through town.”

One of the concerns noted was harvest time, when tractors and wagons and semis are going to the elevator and how the traffic would be slowed down with the three-lane pattern.

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